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Choosing a Wholesale Body Jewelry Distributor
Choosing a Wholesale Body Jewelry Distributor

Trying to decide on a good wholesale body jewelry company to supply your body jewelry and body piercing supply needs can be very daunting. The industry is very diverse and there are many important factors to consider. You will find out that sometimes the least expensive price is not the best indicator of the best money making opportunity for you.

Many years ago, body piercing jewelry was mostly made in the United States and the UK. As the Asian factories got wind of the opportunity, they managed to undercut the US and UK body jewelry factories and change the industry forever.

At first, the quality body jewelry coming in from Asia was far inferior to what the industry was used to. As the years have passed, the quality of the jewelry coming from these factories is almost the same as that of a US or UK company. The vast majority of the piercing jewelry and supplies in the market today come from Asia.

Unless you are willing to purchase quantities of at least 1000 pieces per style and per color, you need to find yourself a quality wholesale body jewelry company to offer you the best price for the best selection and quality possible. In trying to decide this, consider how many years the company has been in business. This will tell you a lot about the company as no company can survive very long if it does not truly offer a good product. Consider the variety of jewelry being offered by a wholesale body jewelry company. To save on shipping costs, your best bet is to find a company that offers both body piercing jewelry and all the piercing supplies as well piercing tools you may need. Try to avoid companies that only sell large bulk lots and do not let you choose specific colors, styles, and sizes. These companies use these techniques to unload poor quality factory reject lots by selling you a mixed jewelry lot for $49 for instance. Finally and most importantly, try to find a wholesale body jewelry company that you can build a personal relationship with. Many companies are so large that you can never actually talk to a person. There are many companies large enough to offer you the best deals on quality body jewelry, yet small enough to offer you a personal relationship with an experienced manager who can help guide you towards the best selling items and practices.

Consider the quality of the jewelry you are planning to buy. There are many different materials and techniques used in the piercing industry. The price can be very different depending on what you buy. Ask each wholesale body jewelry distributor you are interested in buying from to send you a couple of samples. If they are a reputable company, they will gladly do this for you. In fancy jeweled belly button rings, try to stay away from "silver plated" as they notoriously turn colors very fast and leave your customer looking at you for answers. Consider instead "rhodium plated" jewelry that will never tarnish and has a better color and feel of platinum. Another area that you must be careful is in titanium. Ensure that if you are paying for pure titanium, that it actually is pure titanium and not just anodized stainless steel. There is nothing wrong with anodized stainless steel, but it should be significantly less expensive that a similar piece made of grade 5 or grade 23 titanium.

Taking a little time to research your next potential wholesale body jewelry distributor can make all the difference in the world. Remember that saving a couple of pennies does not always mean you are getting a good deal. Remember that these companies do well only if you do well so use their resources and ideas to help make you a success!

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